Ustadh Muhammad Ali

Ustadh Muhammad Ali

Ustadh Muhammad Ali A former bank manager who left his career in pursuit of studying Sacred Knowledge, Ustadh Muhammad Ali has spent time learning Traditional Islamic Sciences at Al Markaz Ul Islami (Bradford) under the guidance of the great Shaykh, Mufti, Qazi Hassan Raza, excelling in his studies.

He is a passionate teacher and charismatic public speaker. Ustadh Muhammad Ali is also a qualified martial arts instructor and teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, conveying the Islamic principle of physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being. He is married with one child MashaAllah and resides with his family in Bradford.

Ustadh Muhammad is currently teaching subjects on our Foundational Sciences course every Sunday at Al Huda Zawiya in Dewsbury as well as teaching in his home city of Bradford. He delivers speakers and seminars in various disciplines and is furthering his studies with teachers privately.

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