The Shadhilli Way

Our way is about knowing Allah The Almighty and loving and following the Beloved sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam. The key to the Shadhilli way is adab; Adab with the Shaykh and the students and the ummah in general) and shukur (thankfulness).

Tariqa is tasawwuf. Tasawwuf is purification of the heart and soul. It is the way that allows us to rid ourselves from our bad traits and through hard work and struggle, to become instead beauty marks amongst the community we reside in, and all this is done under the instruction and guidance of Our Shaykh. Tasawwuf gives life to a dead heart and cures diseases that are not know to us through the perfected light of our guide.

As a student, if one accepts the bay’a (pledge of connection), one is required to attend as many lectures as possible of Our Noble Shaykh while he is in the UK. This part of our tarbiyyah (our guidance and up-bringing). Currently, we have many weekly zikr gathering around the UK, which are open for all who wish to attend (for brothers and sisters). This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the Shadhili way.

Also, the student is required to recite prescribed litany/ies given by the Shaykh. The fundamental litany is called the wird al-amm. This is based on the sunna, consisting of istighfar (seeking forgiveness), salawat al nabi (Salutations upon the Prophet) and the testimony of faith (la illaha illallaah). This is done every morning and evening. 

Regarding Bay’ah itself, it is like that which you read in the seerah. It is your connection to the Beloved Prophet (salla Allahu ‘layhi wasallam), connection to your Lord. When one gives bay’a, one then becomes connected to each of the Shuyookh (Spiritual Masters) in the silsila (chain). This is the tradition set forth from the time of the Prophet (salla Allahu ‘layhi wasallam) and gives us the opportunity to be with him (salla Allahu ‘layhi wasallam) in this life and the next.