Somewhere Safe To Play and Enjoy.

Our youth group embodies many lively and young aspiring members. As part of S.A.F.E, we provide an environment that is sheltering, friendly, and most importantly enjoyable. Our staff pride themselves in providing core values of equality, respect, inclusiveness and enabling young people to interact between themselves, their peers and society.

S.A.F.E actively engages young people in decision making, team building and problem solving activities.
Activities will be provided which will give young people the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values.

We have committed staff members who provide a safe environment for young people to play, learn and socialise.

For Boys Aged 7-16


Every Saturday Afternoon 2-4pm



Al Huda Zawiya

652 Huddersfield Road


West Yorkshire

WF13 3HP


For more information: | Tel 0300 30 23 786 |