Before being introduced to Islam by a friend, I didn’t know too much to be honest. I knew that you couldn’t drink alcohol, or eat pork and that was about it!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Islam has links to Christianity and Judaism and is infact a continuation of the same revelation. Within the Qur’an there are many references to Jesus, Abraham, Mary, Adam, Moses and other “biblical” figures. My perception had always been that Islam is an “asian only” religion and consequently felt it was something I couldn’t relate to.

After reading books about Islam, I was struck by the scientific references that can be found throughout the Qur’an (the Muslim holy book). Detailed information concerning embryology, the creation of the Universe and the water cycle, really caught my attention. How could it be that references to such matters had been written about in detail over 1400 years ago, yet had only been “scientifically” proven in the last 100 years??

Just a little over 20 years ago, I had come to the stage of asking “What does the remainder of my life have in store for me?”. At that time my life was lacking meaning and direction. In my thoughts I tried to imagine the future – would I in another 20 years still be ‘going out Friday and Saturday night with the lads’ and all that becoming sick and anti-social, wasting hard-earned money and damaging my health! It was becoming a pointless exercise.

At the time, I worked with two Muslims. One was difficult and rough in his manners, the other was quiet and friendly and invited me to his home (this was a surprise since I thought a non-Muslim was not allowed to enter a Muslims home). There was a third Muslim who was not related through work, but a friend. Looking back, the two Muslims I briefly encountered never asked me about my beliefs or what I knew about Islam.

It was during this period of life that something strange dawned upon me. If Islam says no alcohol (it was one of the few facts I knew) then I could go home one evening and drink without anyone knowing. Then it dawned on me. The agreement or contract is between you the individual and GOD alone. This was my starting and I have been learning and enjoying life ever since.