A detailed study by Swansea University for inter-faith think-tank Faith Matters, suggests that despite an often negative portrayal of Islam in the media, more people are adopting the religion each year, figures suggest it could be as high as 100,000, with as many as 5,000 new conversions nationwide each year. A survey of 122 converts last year showed 56% were white British, with women making up 62% of respondents. The average age at conversion was just over 27. Among the report’s findings is evidence that many converts experience difficulties because of the negative attitudes of their families, with complaints that there is a lack of support networks available for converts, It also describes the “persistent myth” of converting to Islam for marriage – with many relationships forming only after someone has converted to the religion.

Since inception of the New Muslim Hub in December 2014, 13 people have accepted Islam with many more New Muslims joining in with the activities that the project has to offer.

Why ‘New Muslim Hub’ ?

Our experiences have shown that there is a steady flow of people  who are interested in Islam, who with guidance will embrace Islam. One aspect that has concerned us is some people after embracing Islam slowly lose contact with the mosque and the Muslim community and don’t have the support and guidance in the beginning of their conversion and journey going forward. 

New Muslim Hub provides a safe and relaxed environment, where those New to the faith, can feel that their social and spiritual needs are taken care of, with a bite size approach to learning.

New Muslim Hub provides;

  • One-one New Muslim Advice;
  • Information/advice about Islam and becoming a Muslim;
  • Free books/booklets which includes a translation of the Qur’an;
  • Guided visits to a local Mosques (Masjids);
  • ‘Witness testimony of faith’ – The Shahadah; 
  • Social gatherings;
  • Study circles & talks;
  • Health & spiritual guidance.

For more information;

email: newmuslims@alhudazawiya.co.uk

Tel: 0300 3023 786 

  • Al-Huda Zawiya
  • 652 Huddersfield Road
  • Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury
  • WF13 3HP

New Muslim Activities

One-One drop class – An Introduction to Islam – (Beginners Level)
Suitable for New Muslims and for those interested in becoming Muslim or finding out more about Islam.
contact to book a session.

New Muslim Social drop in classes Men Only

Book one to one sessions with a New Muslim mentor at newmuslims@alhudazawiya.co.uk

Purification of the Heart Women Only

Every Thursday 7.30pm with Ustadha Noshin Gul
Join us for some remembrance of God with recitation of Islamic poetry.
Every session encourages you to calm and focus your mind, thereby bringing deep inner peace and a sense of physical and mental well-being, leaving you spiritually uplifted and refreshed.

Coffee Morning Women Only

Escape the world in a relaxed environment & make new friends.

Every Thursday 10.30am – 12noon

I am a New Muslim, What now?

7pm start
The Sunday Social Group is a weekly forum tailored specifically for those who are new Muslims converts & people of other faiths.
Every session engages discussions in an informal and relaxed social setting. It is also an opportunity to meet Converts to Islam and share experiences.

Free Event | Refreshments Served