Why Choose Al Huda Madrassah?

Al Huda Madrassah is committed to providing a high level of Islamic education. We cater for children between the age of 5-15 and teach subjects including Quran, (Islamic Morals and Manners , Fiqh, Akhlaaq Wal Adaab), Aqaaida (Islamic rules and regulations) Islamic need), Islamic Tareekh (the life of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him, Daily Duaas, 99 names of Allah. Memorising Surahs and Kalimahs.

All our teachers are highly qualified competent and experienced in the field of teaching Islamic sciences.

Our class sizes are small in numbers to ensure the best level of education is provided and the general atmosphere of our Madrasa is one in which our children fall in love with the beauty of Islamic.

We are continuously putting our efforts into developing our madrasa and the syllabus to ensure we provide the best level of Islamic education possible for our children.

3 T’S

Ta’leem (knowledge)

Our Madrasa aims to provide quality Islamic education to our present and future generation, embedded with sound Islamic values.


Our Madrasa aims to develop every beautiful characteristic in our children.

Tarbiyah (nurturing)

Our Madrasa not only teaches but helps our children develop and promote Islamic values which helps to develop in children respecting for their parents, teachers, elders and love for fellow muslims and concern and care for humanity at large.




For more information:

Email: info@alhudazawiya.co.uk | Tel 0300 30 23 786 | www.alhudazawiya.co.uk