These courses are tailored to fit in with busy lifestyles, with all classes

taking place weekly on Sundays.

Courses available:

  • Level 1: Foundational Studies in Islamic Sciences
  • Level 2: Intermediate Studies in Islamic Sciences
  • Level 3: Higher Studies in Islamic Sciences
  • Sisters Tajweed Ijaza Programme
  • Sisters Beginners Arabic course
Course Title Teacher Name Start Date Price
Tafseer (LEVEL 2)Ustadh Muhammad Ali6th September 2015£65
Fiqh of Marriage & Divorce (Level 2)Ustadh Muhammad Ali24th January 2016£30
Fiqh of Islamic Commercial Law (LEVEL 2)Shaykh Waseem4th October 2015£35
Purification of the Heart (LEVEL 2)Shaykh Waseem4th October 2015£60
HadithShaykh Waseem4th October 2015£60
Islamic Sciences Level 2£230
Fiqh of Prayer 2Ustadh Muhammad Ali14th February 2016£20
SeerahShaykh Waseem4th October 2015£60
Aqeedah TahawiyyahShaykh Waseem4th October 2015£60
Ayyuhal Walad by Imam GhazaliUstadh Muhammad Ali6th September 2015£70
Fiqh of ZakatUstadh Muhammad Ali24th April 2016£5
Fiqh of PurificationUstadh Muhammad Ali6th September 2015£20

Daytime & Evening classes in various Islamic subjects for learners of all ages. Most of our community classes are free to attend.

Courses currently offered: