Zakaah Intensive

A remarkable and unique pillar of Islam, Zakaah (Alms) is either just a form of charity or tax, nor is it simply an expression of compassion, but rather it is all of these combined and much more.  It is not merely a deduction from ones wealth, but rather given as a blessing by Allah for all Muslims to improve society overall.

In this intensive we aim to present the importance of giving alms, the merits, proofs, the one on whom Zakaah is compulsory, how to calculate ones amount, and methods of distributing and to whom the alms can be given.

In addition to guiding the audience on alms our resident scholars will impart the virtues of this pillar of Islam.  How it not just purifies the belongings of the giver, but their heart too.  Through alms the one contributing can hope to remove the negative from their inner and fill with humbleness and goodwill for the poor.  

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