Islamic Studies

  • Islamic Studies

Course Duration: 40 weeks

Course Start Date: September 2016

Welcome to Islamic Studies foundation course based in Dewsbury. We hope that you will find this a thought provoking and interesting course, marking the start of your learning journey with Al-Huda Courses.

This programme of study is intended to provide the student with relevant knowledge of the basics of Islam. We hope to not only educate but to develop and nurture our students to become ambassadors in their communities, to represent the true and beautiful image of Islam.

The teaching will be based around course notes/books. Questions are welcome and constitute a major element of the learning process. There should be no shyness to ask or answer a question. We also will have day seminars to cover some of the topics and discuss related issues. Teachers will endeavour not to merely convey the course content but to embody and personify what they are teaching. The teaching will be of a level that will allow students from various backgrounds to comprehend and take part competently.

Students are provided with all requisite materials, including course notes/texts for each subject.
A book list is also provided for further reading.
To help aid with revision and learning all students are provided access to our online portal. This is where additional reading material, worksheets, extra notes and all audio recordings are located. It can be accessed from any Internet enabled device.

Each subject is taught as a series of modules with on-line examinations at the end of each module to help students consolidate their learning.

This introductory year of the Islamic Sciences program covers the basics of the core subjects; Aqeedah (Beliefs), Fiqh (Legal Rulings), Seerah (Prophet Biography) & Tasawwuf (Spiritual Growth), equipping students with the obligatory knowledge needed to practice their faith, with confidence, on a day to day basis. Aqeedah: Learning the necessary knowledge of the 3 main areas of beliefs: Divinity, Prophethood & Eschatology. Fiqh: Study of the legal rulings, in the Hanafi school, of purity (taharah), prayer (salah), fasting (sawm), almsgiving (zakah) & pilgrimage (hajj). Seerah: An in-depth look at the life & times of the final Messenger of God, peace & blessings be upon him. Tasawwuf: Taking counsel from the advice given in Imam Ghazali’s timeless work ‘Ayyuhal Walad’.

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