Hajj Intensive

Journey of a Lifetime

The Hajj is regarded as the fifth and final pillar of Islam, the seal and completion of the perfect faith.  It was during the pilgrimage that Almighty Allah send down the revelation:-

“Today I have completed your religion for you, and completed My grace upon you, and approved Islam as your religion.”                                               Al Amidah 3

The pilgrim has to fulfil certain rights and responsibilities for the Hajj to be complete; with the initial condition being intention (niyyah).  The Hajj journey represents the opportunity to leave the materialistic life behind and spiritually connect with one’s creator on a deeper level.  Past sins are forgiven and as the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him has mentioned a person who performs Hajj properly “will return as sinless as a new born baby.”

Join us as we lay out the legal rulings, breakdown of the days, methods of performing rituals, spiritual guidance, prayers and a question & answer session.

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