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Welcome to Al Huda Zawiya

Originally based in the North of England, Al-Huda Courses began in September 2012 at the blessed Al-Huda Zawiya in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, as a project of Sacred Knowledge.

Our intention was to facilitate the study of the Sacred Knowledge in a traditional way, giving students the opportunity to benefit from the company and instruction of teachers with a chain of transmission linking back to our noble Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

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Knowledge is my companion, it is with me wherever I go. My heart is its container, not the bookshelf.

–Ali RA

Al Huda Zawiya Madrassa

Al-Huda Zawiya is a community centre and educational institute based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. We work together with the local community to provide activities and classes that help the building of the individual and the community.


Zahida Suleman

“SubhanAllah such a beautiful class & a brilliant teacher, full of uplifting examples & encouragement. I have learnt so much, letter by letter, which has made a great difference in my daily recitations. The teacher is so down to earth & mesmerising with her teaching & character.”

Sabiya, Dewsbury

“A fantastic course for going back to basics. I started the course wanting to improve my recitation, but i didn’t realise how much improvement was required until we started focusing on every individual letter. I would highly recommend the course, as the teaching style suits everyone in the class”

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Today New Muslim Hub Drop in sessions

Every Saturday 10am - 5pm

The Saturday Social Group is a weekly forum tailored specifically for those who are new Muslims converts. Every session engages discussions in an informal and relaxed social setting. It is also an opportunity to meet new brothers to Islam and share experiences.

Come and learn about:

Basic 5 pillars of Islam
Articles of faith
Ablution workshop
Prayer workshop
Life of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Free & Refreshments included.

Men Only

Venue Al Huda Zawiya

652 Huddersfield road, #Ravensthorpe

#dewsbury, wf133hp

#convert #revert #Muslim #Islam
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Sisters Dhikr Gathering Every Wednesdays


Afternoon class 1.30pm-2,30pm

Please join us at Al Huda Zawiya for a Sisters Only Dhikr Gathering with our Beloved and Esteemed teacher Shaykha Noshin Gul
"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find rest"

Let's not miss this great opportunity to unite and take benefit from an evening of Dhikr, #qaisdas, #naats and Reminders.

#Dhikr #dewsbury #Islam #Muslim


Al Huda Zawiya
652 Huddersfield Road,
WF13 3HP
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