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Blessed by His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi; Al-Huda Zawiya in Dewsbury has become the foundational institute for Sacred Knowledge. A sanctuary for spiritual retreat, it embraces many activities within its grounds for people of all walks of life.We continue to strive as an institute to provide excellence in Islamic studies and serve seekers of knowledge.

In the past few years, we have planned to conduct multiple extensions to the existing building to accommodate for the growing needs of students. Currently, we are raising much needed funds to help build an extension to the Zawiya.

Al-Huda Tajweed Academy

Footsteps to Arabic Language1 day a week
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Al-Huda Summer Arabic School

Summer Arabic School
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Al-Huda Arabic School

Footsteps to Arabic Language1 day a week
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Al Huda Zawiya Madrassa

Al-Huda Zawiya is a community centre and educational institute based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England. We work together with the local community to provide activities and classes that help the building of the individual and the community.


Zahida Suleman

“SubhanAllah such a beautiful class & a brilliant teacher, full of uplifting examples & encouragement. I have learnt so much, letter by letter, which has made a great difference in my daily recitations. The teacher is so down to earth & mesmerising with her teaching & character.”

Sabiya, Dewsbury

“A fantastic course for going back to basics. I started the course wanting to improve my recitation, but i didn’t realise how much improvement was required until we started focusing on every individual letter. I would highly recommend the course, as the teaching style suits everyone in the class”

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"Bazm E Durood"- with "Hafiza Amna

Special guest appearances include - Minhaj Naat group (Nelson)

"The greatest gift that you can give to the messenger of Allah is by following his sunnah, having his adab and having the opportunity to unite and benefit in Dhikr, Qasidah Burda, Naats and Quran talawat.

Please join us at Al Huda Zawiya for the Sisters monthly Gathering of salawat.

Saturday 17th of March 2018 5pm to 8pm
Children are welcome
Food and refreshments will be served

Al Huda Zawiya
652 Huddersfield Road,
WF13 3HP
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We pray that you are all in the best state of health and imaan.

⚠️Due to the unpredictability of the weather and with more snow forecast for today, we’ve decided to cancel all Madrassah and private tajweed classes tonight after assessing the risk involved of getting to and from Al huda Zawiya tonight. we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused but have to think about the safety of our students and teachers⚠️

Jazakhallah khair
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When Madinah seems far then remember that the mercy of Rasūlullāh ﷺ is close. Don't shut your eyes on this night except with yearning and hope that the moment finally comes when you see the most beautiful of creation in your dreams. Despite your sins and shortcomings, he'll wipe your tears, cure your heart, remove the pain, and heal your soul with his blessed glance.

May tonight finally be the night when the darkness of our hearts and souls are illuminated and purified through the vision of the Prophet of Light and Cure, Sayyiduna Muhammad. ﷺ 💚

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